Restaurants and COVID-19: How to dine safely in your favorite place

Dinning out in this pandemic should be on a “if you must” basis because we all know that it is not safe hence, social distancing is still the safest way to mitigate this pandemic. Dinning out in this pandemic is very risky, but if it’s a risk one must take; one must be very careful.

The risk of dining out are numerous. We can never be too careful, and also, so many things can go wrong in trying to be “too careful”.

Most countries in this pandemic have locked down schools, churches, restaurants and recreational centers; all in a bid to contain the pandemic until a cure is found but Recently, leaders of some of the countries eased the lock down by encouraging restaurants open, because of course we must more info about Coronavirus by clicking here

Restaurant management have designed and enforced guidelines for creating a safe space for their customers.

There is no vaccine for the virus. Dinning out or not depends solely on you, so are you ready to take the risk? While there are definitely no-risk-free-way of eating out right now, there are methods that are safer than others. So, weigh your decisions, check yourself and then decide.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow, if you are willing to take the risk.

Educate Yourself About Coronavirus.

It is of utmost important that you brace yourself with basic knowledge about the virus. Knowing the mode of transmission and symptoms will help. Ask yourself “am I predisposed?” the CDC has alerted us members of the community that are most likely to be infected.

Examples include; the aged, people with underlying diseases like cancer and so on. If you fall in any of the category you should second guess your decision.

Dine Out in Big Restaurants with Socially Distanced Tables.

Apologies to the owners of small restaurants. Dining in a big restaurant with socially distanced tables is the safest. One is less likely to come in contact with others. Note that the restaurants must be well ventilated. Tables should be arranged at least six feet apart from each other according to the guideline by CDC.

Reduce the Number of People on your Table.

Through studies, the virus have been known to spread faster easily amongst members of small groups. So, reduce the number of people on your table.

Using face mask can do little or nothing in helping this case. We can’t eat with our face mask over mouth. So, it’s quite advisable to go out with people you were under quarantine with.

read more about Food usage during COVID-19  at

Practice Good Hygiene.

Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before leaving your house. Wash your hands on getting to the restaurants, if provisions were not made? Use hand sanitizer (alcohol based sanitizer).

Payment and Tip.

According to the CDC, the virus can spend over 18 hours on paper surfaces. It is required of you to carry out online transactions rather than cash payments.

Spending Time in the Restaurant.

The more time spend outdoor, the more prone one is to getting infected. It is advised that you don’t spend so much after you must have been done with what you came for. Spending less time in the restaurant doesn’t really reduce risk, but at least it helps.

It will always be preferable to stay indoors but if you must? Be careful and stay safe.

Functional food and beverages persist during coronavirus

What are functional food and beverages?

You might be asking, what are functional food and beverages? Well, the answer is not far-fetched. Functional food and beverages are foods and beverages that offer more than just nutrition to the human health.

They promote good health and reduce the risk of contracting diseases. Examples includes; probiotics like yoghurt, prebiotics like fruit juices and other dietary supplements such as vitamins D and B12.

Consumption of the listed examples are just another way to keep our immune system in check, without having to visit the doctor frequently.

Persistence of functional food and beverages during coronavirus

We are all witnesses to all the effects the pandemic has had on the world. It striped us of normalcy and changed the diet of most people. People started making wise choices about their health and wellness with the inception of the pandemic. This invariably means more people came to terms with the importance of functional food and beverages—supplements.

Because of the coronavirus, everyone is now conscious of what they are eating, which is a good thing. This has caused a paradigm shift in the food industry. This shift caused a sort of upsurge in the finances of most supplement companies. read more about food safety during COVID-19 Click Here

As a result, most food companies are now incorporating functional ingredients in their products to join the trend. Because, perhaps, without joining the popular trend, how does one become part of the competition?

How did the pandemic affect consumer behavior?

Consumer choices, priorities, and behavior have shifted because of the coronavirus. Everyone used to want to eat junks and unhealthy but it has changed now. It is now a question of ‘what health benefits can your product offer me?” than the usual “is your product sweet enough or is it cheap?’

People now want their baked snacks and foods to contain enough healthy substance for their health. This has changed the course of the food industry, who now pay attention to the health of their consumers. Below are three ways in which the food and beverage industry evolved amidst the more about pandemic

  • More emphasis has been placed on the importance of a healthy immune system: Most food and beverage companies now include probiotics and prebiotics in their products. This is being done in a bid to boost the immune system of their customers.
  • Wide use of plant-based products: plant-based products have been attributed with more health benefits since time immemorial. With the inception of the pandemic, it is products that offer more health benefits that would be patronized more. Hence, functional food and beverage companies are expected to flourish.
  • Nutrition: This has become the main focus of many food industries in the world. More people would be seen going on healthy diets. This is being done to balance general wellness, self-care and body weight.


Health is a thing of general concern around the world. The changes that have happened now will continue to go on even after the pandemic. Hence, food companies needs to buckle up and make their recipes healthier for the consumers.

Everything you need to know about CBD beer?

CBD has impacted most of our lives in recent time, with its numerous health benefits. In so much ways that it has become very main stream in both the health, food and drink industry.

CBD has been infused in so many things, ranging from; oil, food, drinks, drugs, gummies and so on. CBD oil used to be the most popular CBD product until breweries started infusing CBD in their beers. Before going into CBD beer, let’s take a sneak peek at what CBD more about CBD usage and products by clicking here

What is CBD?

CBD is the shortened form of the word “cannabidiol”. Which is one of the several cannabinoids found in the cannabis or hemp plant. It is a naturally occurring derivative of cannabis; hence, it has little or no side effect except in cases of allergies.

CBD is non-psychoactive. It is therefore not responsible for any high sensation, neither does it influence human behavior.

How CBD beer came along?

The introduction of CBD beer to the world was done in the Great American Beer festival in 2015. A brewery in Aurora, Colorado called Dad and Dudes brewery, made the introduction.

Few years later, two brands called Sativa IPA and Indica Double IPA were also introduced into the market. This was done in an effort to render support to the recognition of the legalized cannabis market in Colorado.

Ever since then, more breweries have produced CBD infused beer.

What is it like brewing beers with CBD?

Brewing beer with CBD depends on the laws guiding your states. There are some states that CBD has been legalized and allowed in production. While there are others that CBD in production is illegal.

Still, if you would like to brew with CBD in a state where CBD is not legal, you would have to ask for express permission from concerned authorities. As approval from the law gives you all the right whatsoever to brew your beer with CBD.

Also, remember that before going on with production, all recipes must be submitted to the TTB for review. After approval by the TTB, you can commence production. You might also be required to submit said recipe to the FDA. This is done to ensure that you’re not including above the approved amount of THC in your CBD beer.                   More about CBD :

Will CBD beer get you high?

Most people would like to think that CBD beer would get anyone high but it is not so. CBD beer is non-intoxicating and doesn’t influence human behavior. It is also non-alcoholic unless the brewery decides to tweak things up a bit.

CBD will not make you drug dependent or an alcoholic. In fact, CBD has been attributed with being effective against drug and alcohol addiction.

Usefulness of CBD in beer

CBD has generally been known for its therapeutic effect. Some of these health benefits includes; epilepsy, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, cancer and its symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, migraine and chronic pain.


CBD beer is here to stay. You could see that from the growth it has experienced in these past few years. To infuse CBD in your beer recipe is to join the trend. To join the trend is to be part of the competition.

Never forget to always proceed production with caution. Start by seeking permission from the authorities before infusing CBD in your beer.