Restaurants and COVID-19: How to dine safely in your favorite place

Dinning out in this pandemic should be on a “if you must” basis because we all know that it is not safe hence, social distancing is still the safest way to mitigate this pandemic. Dinning out in this pandemic is very risky, but if it’s a risk one must take; one must be very careful.

The risk of dining out are numerous. We can never be too careful, and also, so many things can go wrong in trying to be “too careful”.

Most countries in this pandemic have locked down schools, churches, restaurants and recreational centers; all in a bid to contain the pandemic until a cure is found but Recently, leaders of some of the countries eased the lock down by encouraging restaurants open, because of course we must more info about Coronavirus by clicking here

Restaurant management have designed and enforced guidelines for creating a safe space for their customers.

There is no vaccine for the virus. Dinning out or not depends solely on you, so are you ready to take the risk? While there are definitely no-risk-free-way of eating out right now, there are methods that are safer than others. So, weigh your decisions, check yourself and then decide.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow, if you are willing to take the risk.

Educate Yourself About Coronavirus.

It is of utmost important that you brace yourself with basic knowledge about the virus. Knowing the mode of transmission and symptoms will help. Ask yourself “am I predisposed?” the CDC has alerted us members of the community that are most likely to be infected.

Examples include; the aged, people with underlying diseases like cancer and so on. If you fall in any of the category you should second guess your decision.

Dine Out in Big Restaurants with Socially Distanced Tables.

Apologies to the owners of small restaurants. Dining in a big restaurant with socially distanced tables is the safest. One is less likely to come in contact with others. Note that the restaurants must be well ventilated. Tables should be arranged at least six feet apart from each other according to the guideline by CDC.

Reduce the Number of People on your Table.

Through studies, the virus have been known to spread faster easily amongst members of small groups. So, reduce the number of people on your table.

Using face mask can do little or nothing in helping this case. We can’t eat with our face mask over mouth. So, it’s quite advisable to go out with people you were under quarantine with.

read more about Food usage during COVID-19  at

Practice Good Hygiene.

Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before leaving your house. Wash your hands on getting to the restaurants, if provisions were not made? Use hand sanitizer (alcohol based sanitizer).

Payment and Tip.

According to the CDC, the virus can spend over 18 hours on paper surfaces. It is required of you to carry out online transactions rather than cash payments.

Spending Time in the Restaurant.

The more time spend outdoor, the more prone one is to getting infected. It is advised that you don’t spend so much after you must have been done with what you came for. Spending less time in the restaurant doesn’t really reduce risk, but at least it helps.

It will always be preferable to stay indoors but if you must? Be careful and stay safe.